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Dr. Arshley Emile

Timberhouse Films

Dr. Arshley Emile is a Director and award winning cinematographer with an already incredibly prolific career that spans only 7 years. His love and passion for filmmaking was something he was aware of as early as 8 years old, but it was not until he embarked on his dissertation on racism in public schools, that he realized that his admiration for visual arts spanned well beyond the classroom. Instead of just going the traditional route of dissertation writing, Dr. Emile ventured on a journey that would eventually lead to a career focused on film.

Today Dr. Emile is a full-time creator, and has already been selected for numerous film festivals. He recently won Best Documentary for 2022 in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and won the award for Best Documentary in the Atlanta Film Festival, all of which highlights how remarkably gifted he is considering his short time in the business. Furthermore, Dr. Emile has delivered projects for television news programs, corporations, produced music videos, and content for public schools, as well as nonprofit organizations. His primary focus is helping to portray the black and brown community in a more positive light, to dispel the negative racial narratives historically perpetuated by the media and the general public.

He is competent in all aspects of the production process from initial stages of researching and organizing production to script writing, interviewing, camera and editing. Dr. Emile is the driving creative force behind “Losing Eric Garner”, and hopes to one day film and produce feature films and to have his own sound stage campus where both young and seasoned filmmakers can gather and create.

Changing the narrative:

MLK’s Dream Deferred

Documentaries / Shorts

For Dr. Arshley Emile, documentaries are at the heart of his creative pursuit. He believes in the power of authentic storytelling to bring attention to important issues, shed light on lesser-known narratives, and create meaningful impact. This passionate filmmaker and researcher collaborates closely with subjects and communities to ensure a respectful and accurate portrayal of their experience


Dr. Emile of Timberhouse Films believes that storytelling should know no limits. His focus is on creating experimental short films that transport audiences to different places, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the everyday is infused with uniqueness and flavor. Through innovative filmmaking techniques, surreal visuals, and rich narratives, he captivates viewers and leaves them with a sense of enjoyment that lingers long after the credits roll. He’s bringing that gift to “Losing Eric Garner”.

Music Videos

Every music video produced by Dr. Arshley Emile of Timberhouse Films is a work of art, carefully crafted to complement the essence of the song and the artist’s vision. He believes in the power of visual storytelling to enhance the impact of the music, taking viewers on a journey that deepens their connection to the song’s message. With his skills as a filmmaker, cinematographer, and editor, he can collaborate closely with artists, ensuring that each frame captures the heart and soul of the music.